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The adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Twain, Mark [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Abenteuer & ReiseCommonly regarded as one of the great American novels. One of the first books in major American literature to be written in the vernacular. The story is told in the first person by Huckleberry "Huck" Finn, best friend of Tom Sawyer. Huck fakes his own death to escape his violent drunk of a father and sets out in search of adventure and freedom. Teaming up with Jim, an escaped slave, the two fugitives go on the run, traveling along the Mississippi River. Huck wrestles with his conscience. Should he save Jim, or turn his friend in to the authorities? Sprecher: Smith, Mark F. ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Twain, Mark: Die Abenteuer des Huckleberry FinnAvailability: Checking
Anna Karenina

by Tolstoj, Lev Nikolaevič [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Gesellschaft | Hörspiel | Film | Literaturverfilmung | Drama | Gesellschaft & Politik | More titles to the topic Two love stories are set against the backdrop of high society in Tsarist Russia. Anna awakes from a loveless marriage to find herself drawn irresistibly to the dashing cavalry officer, Count Vronsky. Levin struggles with self-esteem, and even flees to the country, before gaining courage to return and offer himself to the beautiful and pure Kitty. Through troubled courtships, reconciliations, marriage and the birth of each one's first child, Anna and Levin experience joy and despair as they each struggle to find their place in the world and meaning for their lives. Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Tolstoj, Lev N.: Anna KareninaAvailability: Checking
Around the world in 80 days

by Verne, Jules [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Abenteuer & Reise | More titles to the topic Bearbeitete Fassung von Jules Vernes "Around the world in eighty days" mit Aufgaben und Audio-CD für Englischlerner ab Klasse 7/8 zur Lektüre.Availability: Checking
The call of the wild

by London, Jack [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Abenteuer & ReiseA domesticated dog named Buck rediscovers his primordial instincts. Buck is living a happy life in California until he is sold to pay a gambling debt. Taken to the Klondike to become a sled dog, Buck must toughen up and learn the harsher rules of survival in the North. One of the first of these is how to deal with being harnessed in the same team as a dog that wants to kill him. Large, strong and smart, Buck toughens to his new life. But even the toughest dog can be worn down by constant work, and after 3,000 miles of pulling sleds, Buck nears the end of his rope. Cast away as no longer useful, Buck is acquired by greenhorns whose inexperience nearly kills him, but after being saved by John Thornton, he at last finds a man he can love. Then on a remote gold-hunting expedition, Buck hears a call emanating from the woods and speaking to the wild heart of his distant ancestors. The lure of it almost balances the great love he bears for Thornton, but events take him away from his old life, and into legend. Sprecher: Smith, Mark F. ; Dt. Ausg.u.d.T.: London, Jack: Der Ruf der WildnisAvailability: Checking
The Canterville ghost

by Wilde, Oscar [Autor] | Barnes, David [Sprecher].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | FantasyThe funny and famous haunted house story by Oscar Wilde. Hiram B. Otis and his family move into Canterville Chase, an old English country house, ignoring warnings from Lord Canterville that the house is haunted. Despite the Ghosts (Sir Simons) attempts to appear in the most gruesome guises, the family refuses to be frightened, and Sir Simon feels increasingly helpless and humiliated. The story has been widely adapted for screen and stage. Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Wilde, Oskar: Das Gespenst von CantervilleAvailability: Checking
David Copperfield

by Dickens, Charles [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Hörspiel | Jugendroman | More titles to the topic One of Dickens and Sigmund Freuds favorite books, David Copperfield is a must read for all fans of Dickens works. Of all my books," Dickens wrote, "I like this the best; like many fond parents I have my favorite child, and his name is David Copperfield." With such an introduction, its hard not to want to read the semi-autobiographical David Copperfield. The story is told almost entirely from the point of view of a first person narrator, David Copperfield, and was the first novel Dickens wrote in this manner. The story focuses on the life of David Copperfield from childhood to adulthood. Davids father had died six months before he was born and seven years later, his mother remarried. David and his step-father did not get along and so he is sent off to boarding school. As David settles into his new life, the story takes us along to meet a dazzling array of characters, some unforgettable and some of whom we would prefer to forget! Sprecher: Hynes, T. ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Dickens, Charles: David CopperfieldAvailability: Checking

by Austen, Jane [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Biographie | Belletristische Darstellung | Freundschaft-Liebe | Biografie | Komödie | Lesung | Literaturverfilmung | Liebe | Drama/Schicksal | Frauen | Hamilton, Emma | Tochter | Sehnsucht | Mutter | Obdachlosigkeit | Ehekonflikt | Ehefrau | Barcelona | Frauen | More titles to the topic Convinced of her superior matchmaking skills, Emma Woodhouse wrongly takes credit for pairing off her former governess and a neighboring gentleman. Determined to remain unattached herself, Emma sets out to direct the fates of Harriet Smith, the vicar Mr. Elton, and newcomer Frank Churchill, among others. Misunderstanding is piled on mishap until Mr Knightley forces Emma to see her errors and the direction of her own future. Since its publication in 1816, Emma has regularly been claimed as Austins greatest novel. It has repeatedly been adapted on screen and the 1995 movie Clueless was also based on Emma. Sprecher: Denton, Sibella. Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Austen, Jane: EmmaAvailability: Checking

by Spyri, Johanna [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Heidi <Literarische Gestalt> | Spyri, Johanna | Abenteuer & Entdecken | More titles to the topic Überlegungen zum Schweizer Heidi-Mythos und zur weltweiten Rezeption des bis heute beliebten Heidi-Romans von Johanna Spyri (1827-1901).Availability: Checking
The hound of the Baskervilles

by Doyle, Arthur Conan [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | KriminalromaneWill Sherlock Holmes find the truth behind the legend of the hound of the Baskervilles? The Hound of the Baskervilles is a classic detective chiller. It features the worlds greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, in his most challenging case. The Baskerville family is haunted by a phantom beast which roams the moors around the isolated Baskerville Hall on Dartmoor in England. Sprecher: Walden, Laurie Anne ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Doyle, Arthur Conan: Der Hund der BaskervillesAvailability: Checking
Jane Eyre

by Brontë, Charlotte [Autor] | Klett, Elizabeth [Sprecher].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Film | Drama/Schicksal | Literaturverfilmung | Liebe | Drama | Hörspiel | Lesung | Frauen | More titles to the topic Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilised by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones. One of the great love stories of all literature. It is a novel often considered ahead of its time due to its portrayal of the development of a thinking and passionate young woman who is both individualistic, desiring for a full life, while also highly moral. Jane evolves from her beginnings as a poor and plain woman without captivating charm to her mature stage as a compassionate and confident whole woman. As she matures, she comments much on the complexities of the human condition. Jane also has a deeply pious personal trust in God, but is also highly self-reliant. Although Jane suffers much, she is never portrayed as a damsel in distress who needs rescuing. For this reason, it is sometimes regarded as an important early feminist novel. Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Brontë, Charlotte: Jane EyreAvailability: Checking

by Kipling, Rudyard [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Lesung | Asien | Klassiker | Abenteuer & Reise | More titles to the topic Kim is a book worked at three levels. It is a tale of adventures. It is the drama of a boy having entirely his boys own way, and it is the mystical exegis of this pattern of behaviour. Sprecher: Praetzellis, AdrianAvailability: Checking
Little Lord Fountleroy

by Burnett, Frances Hodgson [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Freundschaft & FamilieA captivating story that stresses the importance of love, loyalty, and kindness. In mid-1880s Brooklyn, New York, Cedric Errol lives with his Mother (never named, known only as Mrs Errol or "dearest") in genteel poverty after his Father Captain Errol dies. They receive a visit from Havisham, an English lawyer with a message from Cedrics grandfather, Lord Dorincourt. Cedric is now Lord Fauntleroy and heir to the Earldom and a vast estate. The Earl wants Cedric to live with him and learn to be an English aristocrat. He offers Mrs Errol a house and income but refuses to meet or have anything to do with her. The crusty Earl is impressed by the appearance and intelligence of his young American grandson, and charmed by his innocent nature. He admits that Cedric, who has befriended and cared for the poor and needy on the Earls estate, will be a better Earl than he was. A pretender to Cedrics inheritance appears, but the claim is investigated and disproved with the assistance of Cedrics loyal American friends. The Earl is reconciled to his sons American widow. The Earl had intended to teach his grandson how to be an aristocrat; however, Cedric inadvertently teaches his grand-father that an aristocrat should practice compassion and social justice towards persons who are dependent on him. The Earl becomes the kind and good man Cedric always innocently believed him to be. Cedric is reunited with his mother, who comes to live in the ancestral castle with them. "Little Lord Fauntleroy" is the first childrens novel written by English-American playwright and author Frances Hodgson Burnett. (Wikipedia) Sprecher: Umpleby, Susan ; Dt. Ausg.u.d.T.: Burnett, Frances Hodgson: Der kleine LordAvailability: Checking
The man in the iron mask

by Dumas, Alexandre [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | HistorischesHistorical fiction at its best. The brilliant follow-up to The Three Musketeers. Can the Man in The Iron Mask, the twin brother of King Louis XIV who is imprisoned in the Bastille to prevent his quest for kingship be freed and put on the throne? Sprecher: Smith, Mark F. ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Dumas, Alexandre: Der Mann mit der eisernen MaskeAvailability: Checking
Michael Strogoff

by Verne, Jules [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Abenteuer & ReiseAdventure in the Russia of the Czar. This is the account of the perilous mission of Michael Strogoff, courier for Czar Alexander II, who is sent from Moscow to the besieged city of Irkutsk, where the governor, brother of the Czar, has taken his last stand against a Tartar rebellion led by the fearsome Feofar-Khan. When telegraph lines are cut between the Russian Far East and the mainland, Strogoff must make his way through hostile territory to warn the governor of the return of the traitor Ivan Ogareff, a disgraced former officer who seeks vengeance against the Tsar's family by the destruction of Irkutsk. Specher: Leeson, David ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Verne, Jules: Der Kurier des ZarenAvailability: Checking
Moby Dick

by Melville, Herman [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | CD | Jugendbuch | Graphic Novel | Klassiker | Walfang | Abenteuer & Reise | More titles to the topic "Call me Ishmael." Ahabs obsession with killing the great white whale overwhelms his good judgment as captain. Moby-Dick is considered one of the greatest novels in the English language and has secured Melvilles place among Americas greatest writers. The main character Ishmael on his voyage on the whaleship Pequod learns that Captain Ahab takes revenge one a white whale, Moby-Dick. This recording is the 24 hours unabridged reading of the complete novel. Abbreviated versions focus on the basic story line. The unabridged novel explore numerous complex themes Moby Dick is noted for. Sprecher: Wills, Stewart ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Melville, Merman: Moby DickAvailability: Checking
Night and day

by Woolf, Virginia [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Liebe & BeziehungNight and Day (1919) is a novel by Virginia Woolf. Set in Edwardian London, Night and Day contrasts the daily lives of two friends, Katharine Hilbery and Mary Datchet. The novel examines the relationships between love, marriage, happiness, and success. Sprecher: Smallheer, J. M. ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Woolf, Virginia: Nacht und TagAvailability: Checking
The phantom of the opera

by Leroux, Gaston [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | FantasyChristine Daae was brought up in the Paris Opera house. Her musician father suddenly dies, telling her he will send her an angel of music to look after her. She grows up and discovers that she is hearing a voice, telling her and teaching her to sing. She believes he is the angel of music but he is known in the Opera House simply as The Phantom. Although she is fascinated and drawn towards the phantom, she falls in love with her childhood sweetheart, The Vicomte de Chagny, or Raoul, but the Phantom wont take this lightly. Sprecher: Snelson, Ralph ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Leroux, Gastan: Das Phantom der OperAvailability: Checking
Pride and prejudice

by Austen, Jane [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Liebe & BeziehungIt is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, moral rightness, education and marriage in her aristocratic society of early 19th century England. Elizabeth is the second eldest of five daughters of a country gentleman landed in the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, not far from London. Though the storys setting is uniquely turn of the 19th century, it retains a fascination for modern readers, continuing near the top of lists of most loved books and still receives considerable attention from literary critics. This modern interest has resulted in a number of dramatic adaptations and an abundance of novels and stories imitating Austens memorable characters or themes. Sprecher: Savage, Karen ; Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Austen, Jane: Stolz und VorurteilAvailability: Checking
Robinson Crusoe

by Defoe, Daniel [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Abenteuer & Reise | More titles to the topic Die Geschichte des Schiffbrüchigen Robinson Crusoe von Daniel Defoe als vereinfachter und stark gekürzter Lektüreband für Englischleser ab Niveaustufe B2.Availability: Checking
Romeo & Juliet

by Shakespeare, William [Autor].

computer file downloadable Audio Book | 2014 | Tanz/Ballett | Tragödie | More titles to the topic Availability: Checking

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